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The reason i built with Artico custom Homes was the flexibility they had for me to design and build to suit my lifestyle,from discussions with other builders prior i wasnt able to achieve this so i decided to move forward with the Process

Heidi - Box Hill

After feeling like i was always chasing with no results dealing with the project home builders i decided to try the custom home road,Artico Homes delivered from the start,from the first meeting of telling them my ideas and vision for the home they were more than willing to help. From initial design throughout selections and then the build they answered all our questions and offered solutions in an honest and professional way ,you cant put a price on piece of mind, They were Great

Gino- kellyville

Dealing with ben and dean from artico through hia has shown me huge confidence on what the guys are out to achieve in the building industry, there morals and work ethic on what it takes to get a good product with your home i think will definitely stand out from some of the other guys currently in the industry, i would definitely recommend giving artico a go with your build.

Anthony Georgievsky

My name is Bruce Fyffe, from Fyffe Design Services. I have been designing upmarket homes in Sydney for over 25 years. I have recently been working with Ben and Dean from Artico Homes and found them to have an excellent knowledge of construction, and have always acted in an honest and professional manner. They are both full of enthusiasm and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Bruce Fyffe - Fyffe Design Services

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